Our Office

Our Office is conveniently located on the West side of OSF St. Joseph Medical Center on Regency Drive. We are located in the same building as Dr. Dennis Lee, MD, Dr. Jay James R. Miller, MD and Dr. Barry Slotky, MD. We offer a convenient and comfortable waiting room stocked with reading materials and a play area for those patients with small children while you wait for your appointment with the Doctor. We offer quiet private exam rooms that are comfortable and stocked with the latest equipment to provide you the highest quality care, give you the best diagnosis for your condition and discuss with you all you options for treatment.

During your exam or consultation feel free to ask the Doctor any questions or concerns you may have about your condition, symptoms or options for treatment. The Doctor will answer any and all questions to the best of her ability. She may suggest a course of action or regiment pertaining to your treatment and any options she considers the best treatment on a case by case basis. Dr. Dutta is very concerned with your comfort level during your office visit and the quality of care you receive to treat your condition, ease your symptoms and give you all the options available to you for you to choose from.